Today, 73% of textile products are considered garbage or burned after use or during the production. For these reasons, less than 1% of the new clothes produced come from recycled sources. Fashion for Good initiated the “Full Circles Textile Project: Scaling Innovations in Cellulosic Recycling” which is the first example of its kind consortium launched on 10th September. This project, which focuses especially on cellulosic fibres, aims to reach the most suitable solutions for chemical recycling and to create a closed-loop system for textile waste.

Leading global organizations to support the progress of the project and ensure its adoption in the textile industry; Laudes Foundation, Birla Cellulose, Kering, PVH Corp, Target also support Fashion for Good. It is also stated that this targeted multi-stakeholder collaboration is first for the textile industry. Project partners and innovators will collaborate for over 18 months to realize the potentials in this nascent market. The materials recycled through the work of the collaborators will be used in Birla Cellulose’s modern facilities for the production of high-quality cellulosic fibres, and then these fibres will be delivered to the project partners’ supply chain for garment production.

Anita Chester, head of materials at Laudes Foundation added: “Chemical recycling faces multiple barriers to scale and industry adoption; a key barrier being risk-tolerant investment for innovations that can enable testing, refinement and scale. We hope that our investment in the Full Circle Textiles Project will enable wider adoption and catalytic investment across the industry to map the course of change together.”

In addition to all these, textile recycling and directing the fashion industry to circular production is one of the basic principles of Fashion for Good. Innovations to apply circular production will minimize the requirement for raw materials and the environmental impacts of wastes. Which shows that this project is one of the most important steps to be taken for sustainability.

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