Our Story

Our company name is inspired by the 3R concept – reduce, reuse and recycle. After combining R with our company’s work field, RTEX a bold yet simple name came to be. Taking into account the economic, social and environmental aspects, which are key elements of sustainability, RTEX began operations in December 2019.

RTEX is a SaaS platform for textile waste-management and it is based in Sweden and Turkey. We aim to turn today’s linear system in the sector into a circular sustainable system by offering innovative solutions to waste management problems within the textile industry for a more viable planet.

The 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations (UN) and aimed to be achieved by 2030 are also valid for the textile industry and achieving these goals is very important for RTEX.

In this context, RTEX supports and serves the UN’s 2030 goals with its sustainability and circular economy oriented vision. You can support achieving the UN’s goals by using the technological solutions and services offered by RTEX to combat the textile waste problem.

Meet Our Team


Hakan Kesler

With his engineering education and the projects, he has led past 5 years, Hakan has gained many skills that makes him an experienced leader. Now, with RTEX, he aims to create social and economic values by using these abilities.

Duygu Sergi

She has been working in marketing for about 4 years. In this context, she also worked in various companies in business development, project management positions. Now in RTEX, she is working on the marketing and operations processes within the scope of her experiences.
Operations Coordinator

Sinem Hazal Akyıldız

While continuing her textile education, she became interested in composite materials. She continues her works in the field of recycling and sustainability.
Textile Engineer

Ayşenur Ayar

She is utilizing her textile engineering education by taking place in different areas of the industry. She is currently working on textile logistics, process management, purchasing and innovative textile technologies.