What exactly is RTEX?

RTEX platform provides its collaborators with a sustainable and circular system by offering technologically based solutions for textile waste management problems.

How do I create my own RTEX account?

Registration in RTEX is very easy. Follow the steps in the “Sign Up” page.

Will RTEX work on my mobile device?

You can use your platform on any device you want by logging into Our mobile application will meet you soon.

Is it available in my country?

We provide business mainly within Europe at the moment. Please contact us directly to register from another country.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

You can perform all your actions instantly through your panel. You can also contact our live support team for further questions and guidance.

What can I do with fabric and thread that I cannot use or sell in my production facility?

After entering your product information on the RTEX platform, you can click the “Convert to Value” button.

We will convey the best financial solutions to you by evaluating your product according to the waste management hierarchy.

I need fabric waste with specific features. What can I do?

You can access our online catalogue by registering to RTEX platform. You can find the product you need by using the product filtering feature.

What are the steps that I can take to decrease textile waste generation within my facility?

After entering your product and waste information, your data is analysed with software and special waste management strategies are created under the consultancy of our experts.

Information related to generated waste is inaccessible within my business and I have difficulty in waste management, what can I do?

By registering on the RTEX platform, you will have the ability to visualise your data with our software solution. Follow-up and management will be a ease.

I want to provide logistics services for companies in the textile industry, how do I proceed?

By registering on our platform, you can collaborate with businesses in the industry.